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How Do Anger Issues Affect Your Life?


Being angry is, more or less, normal. We find something annoying or infuriating, and we simply express our anger. In many cases, rationally expressing this anger is healthy.

But as we provide counseling therapy in North Carolina, we understand that poor control of your anger can be detrimental to your overall wellness. How do anger issues affect your life?

  • Deteriorating relationships

    It can be difficult to be around someone with poor control over their anger. If this someone is you, then you may witness the deterioration of several relationships with the people in your life.

    Being angry all the time emits negative energy, and it can be difficult to deal with a hot-headed person. You may even get into fights and disagreements because of these anger issues.

  • Mental wellness

    Anger does not feel pleasant. This emotion can be mentally demanding, and having poor control over it can deplete your mental resources. Being constantly angry may cause increased feelings of stress and anxiety, both of which can pave way for other mental conditions. It is vital to have the right support services during these instances.

  • Physical effects

    Of course, anger will have physical effects on your health. Being angry can raise your blood pressure. It can even raise your risk of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Anger is not inherently bad. But poor control over your anger can hurt several aspects of your health. If you feel like you have developed anger issues, schedule a consultation with your mental health provider.

As practitioners of mental health in Durham, North Carolina, we will do everything within our resources to help achieve better mental health. Call us today here at Carolina Community Support Services, Inc.!

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