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The Benefits of Venting Your Feelings


When our feelings get too overwhelming, we often shut people out and bottle them all up inside to protect ourselves. And while this may seem like a harmless coping mechanism, it can, in fact, negatively affect your mental health. This is why therapists and professionals when it comes to mental health in Durham, North Carolina, strongly suggest expressing such overwhelming feelings through venting healthily.

Venting or expressing what you feel and think and releasing tension by talking to someone you can confide in or squeezing something soft effectively alleviates stress and anxiety. It can somewhat lighten the emotional burden you are carrying and make you feel a hundredfold better. Expressing what you feel in healthy ways will also help you clear your mind and change your perspective, which will enable you to come up with solid solutions for problems or situations on hand.

So if you are overwhelmed with your emotions or thoughts, try venting out. Doing so will help you and your mental health in so many ways. And if you need extra encouragement or support services, rest assured that Carolina Community Support Services, Inc. will be there to help you every step of the way!

We also offer other services that include clinical assessment, intensive in-home services, and counseling therapy in North Carolina!

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