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Who Can Provide Mental Health Care?

Several people are experiencing mental health crises and we can help them remember their potential. Healthcare professionals aid in overcoming their mental health issues and getting back on track with their respective lives like those providing counseling therapy in North Carolina. The work settings of the following mental health professionals can be in inpatient facilities like general hospitals and outpatient facilities like schools, community mental health clinics, as well as private practices.

  • Psychologists
  • Psychologists have special training to assess an individual’s mental health by utilizing psychological assessments, clinical reviews, and testing. They have prepared a treatment plan and give individual or group therapy. These professionals possess a doctoral degree in clinical psychology or other specialties like counseling or education.
  • Therapists, Counselors, and Clinicians
  • These healthcare professionals are great at providing support services. They, not only aid in minimizing symptoms but also help improve patients’ feelings, thinking and living conditions.
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatrists are licensed medical physicians who diagnose mental health issues, prescribe, and oversee medications and give therapy. Some therapists took extra training in child and teenager mental health, geriatric psychiatry, or substance abuse or substance use disorders.
  • Primary care doctors
  • Primary care doctors are pediatricians that have the authority to prescribe medication. However, we may consider availing the services of those who specialize in mental health care. Primary care doctors and mental health experts collaborate to identify the most suitable treatment plan for a person.

At Carolina Community Support Services, Inc., our pool of highly proficient healthcare professionals will aid you in overcoming mental health problems and in keeping good mental health. Feel free to contact us about our services on mental health in Durham, North Carolina.
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