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Why People Avoid Seeking Help for Mental Illness


Access to mental healthcare is a big concern for many Americans. Untreated mental health difficulties and illnesses can impair a person’s capacity to live a full life and carry out education, employment, or family commitments.

Why do so few people seek treatment and support services when mental health issues are more evident than ever and care is more readily available?

  • Social Stigma of Mental Health Conditions – The threat of prejudice in cultural, social, and professional circles is a major hindrance. Despite recent progress in highlighting the need for mental health care, many people are frightened of being stigmatized if they admit they need help.
  • Their Circumstances Make It Difficult – Many diseases can make seeking mental health treatment difficult for a variety of reasons. Even if a person suffering from depression believes that change is possible, finding a therapist and scheduling counseling therapy in North Carolina may fall into the category of “impossible tasks”, tasks that aren’t a big concern under normal circumstances but become brutally difficult when you’re depressed.
  • They are Afraid of Being Treated – Someone who has never received treatment for a mental health illness may have strange ideas about how it is done. Some people may be apprehensive about sharing their issues with a stranger. In truth, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to counseling or a consultation with a therapist. You are not obligated to discuss anything with which you are not comfortable.

Carolina Community Support Services, Inc. cares about your mental health in Durham, North Carolina, which is why we always welcome you with open arms when you need support.

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