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How Can Drug Abuse Destroy Your Life

Abuse of drugs and alcohol can negatively affect your body and cause changes in your brain chemistry, health issues, infections, accidents, and even death. What you should know about substance abuse and its negative consequences is as follows:

  • Legal Consequences
    If you continue to use drugs, especially if you won’t stop, you may lose your job. The majority of firms administer a drug test as one of the prerequisites for employment. They also assess the concerns about mental health in Durham, North Carolina. Some employers even test you for drugs randomly at any point after you start working for them. In addition, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may result in license suspension or significant fines.
  • Health Risks
    Too much drug use can harm every organ in your body, including your heart and bowels. It can cause damage to the liver and kidneys, irregular heart rates, heart attacks, severe muscle cramps, and general weakness. Visit any provider of counseling therapy in North Carolina to learn how they may assist you to lead stable and fulfilling lives if you experience these negative effects but wish to stop the unhealthy drug misuse lifestyle.
  • Financial Problems
    Drugs and alcohol are expensive, and regular use of either can adversely affect your concentration and productivity at work or school. To assist you in achieving sobriety and general wellness, Carolina Community Support Services, Inc. offers support services and treatment therapy. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance; regardless of whether you are dealing with substance abuse or mental health concerns, others are willing to assist you and listen to you.
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